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After a near-fatal turn as a business major at a large Midwestern university, I came to my senses and began studying English literature. A year of overseas study in Madrid, Spain, made it easy to add Spanish as a second major.

In 1993, I entered the world of publishing as a second-shift proofreader for Macmillan Computer Publishing (now Pearson). Since then, I’ve done lots of substantive editing, copy editing, writing, and project-management.

Worn out from my commute into New York City, in 2002 I joined the freelancer ranks. In recent years I’ve honed my español skills and began translating for the nonprofit The Resource Foundation.

Writing fiction and personal essays has always been a passion, one my local writers group has helped me stay committed to and get better at. Thanks to their help, I published a short story called The Orchid online in August of 2013. 

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