As a freelancer with TRF, Lillian is required to sift through and synthesize complex narrative and financial report materials from nonprofit organizations throughout Latin America, in their native language of Spanish, and transform this information into a concise, engaging report for U.S. donors. With a proven knack for words, Lillian achieves this goal with finesse, making my job as her editor a breeze. 

—Lisa Schohl, Reporting Manager, The Resource Foundation

I translate grant reports from Spanish to English for The Resource Foundation, an international nonprofit that supports organizations all over Latin America. I have to do a lot of rewriting and reorganizing to make sure the reports read well and fit the foundation’s reporting format.

Fact is, I get pretty uppity about bad translations. When it comes to languages, recognizing what you don’t know is critical to being diligent, and diligence is the only path to preserving the author’s intent and tricking the reader into thinking they’re reading an original, untranslated, piece of work.  

Read a list of the various projects I’ve worked on.

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