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editing services


Each manuscript has its own set of needs, from a basic yet thorough proofread to a deeper dive into structure and organization to everything in between. A sample edit is a useful tool to help determine the level of editing you need. 

Developmental Editing

Also known as substantive editing, a developmental edit involves organizational changes that improve the flow of your writing from one paragraph, section, or chapter to the next. I can help eliminate repetition and ensure concepts flow in a natural sequence so that your manuscript fulfills the purpose you had in mind for it.

Copy Editing

Copy editing involves correcting errors of grammar, punctuation, and spelling throughout your work and making suggestions to improve the flow and clarity of the text. I would also ensure consistency in every aspect of your work, including treatment of headings, figures, bibliographic entries, and so on. Copy editing can be light or heavy, depending on the condition of the manuscript.

Line Editing

A line edit focuses more on the language used at the sentence and paragraph level, and less on some of the more technical matters addressed by a copy edit. During a line edit, I help ensure that your language is clear and precise and your tone is consistent. I look for problems such as overused words, clichés, run-on sentences, confusing passages, and so on.


Proofreading is the final stage of manuscript development and takes place just before production. The goal of a proofread is an error-free manuscript. I would check for any errors of spelling, grammar, punctuation, formatting, or layout.